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Make a Splosh with your cleaning products!

There is so much choice out there for cleaning products and the average person (if you’re anything like me) finds it difficult knowing which one to pick! That is a decision you need to make for each

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Hooray for Handmade Toys!

Handmade things are amazing! I love handmade for the same reason I love hand-me-downs, they remind me of someone special who has put a lot effort into making something with their own hands. I believe that

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The wonderful world of wooden toys!

As an antidote to the plastic which can surround living with a baby and a toddler, I have tried to fill my life with some lovely wooden things. Apart from wood, we have some toys which are second hand

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Why say no to plastic?

There are a lot of things that you could do to lead a ‘green’ life and be kinder to our planet. Thinking about it all at once can make your brain explode! Plastic is something that has been

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Plastic Free Juice?

Unsurprisingly, my kids like juice! Spend more and drink less but double the enjoyment! I have been trying to find a reduced or plastic free alternative to juice bottles. I am unwilling to give up juice

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Food Shop arch nemesis – excess plastic! #reduce

The majority of our plastic waste stems from our food shop. This must stop! I decided that before we went any further in our green journey, I’d like to try and tackle this without going bonkers and depriving

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Cloth wipes forever!

Anyone on a ‘green journey’ – who also has a baby – will probably wince every time they buy a packet of wipes, covered with plastic, that end up in landfill. Things that bother

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The cloth nappy system that really works for us

Our cloth nappy system is awesome! Why we chose cloth nappies We knew when we had our daughter (now 3) that we wanted to use cloth nappies. We already thought cloth was better for the environment and

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Let’s have a “no plastic mindset”

Going ‘green’ is a mindset, an attitude, an outlook. Once I decided that I wanted to ‘go green’, I had enough motivation to keep going and start, slowly, changing my lifestyle. Once your motivation

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A kitchen sink thought on cups and refusing refuse

This is my kitchen sink. It is where I do all my best thinking. A place where I feel connected to the world in a way that I don’t when I’m rushing around ‘doing life’. The thought came to me one

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