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Terrific Toothbrushing

Toothbrushes. I have always disliked throwing away a plastic toothbrush after a few months of use. It makes me sad to think that every toothbrush I have ever used is still in existence, polluting our world with plastic that doesn’t bio-degrade. So I decided to look for an alternative.

The alternative is to use wooden toothbrushes. Or more specifically, Bamboo. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and grows really quickly so is a sustainable wood source.

The Environmental Toothbrush

Environmental Toothbrush

The first toothbrush that we tried was the Environmental Toothbrush co. This is a perfectly acceptable, straightforward replacement to the standard plastic toothbrush. At £3-£4 per brush, it is more expensive than other brushes, but they lasted well (we had ours 2 and 1/2 months and they could have gone on longer). We also bought child size brushes, these were also very good. It is possible to buy this brush in a bulk box of ten for £30.63 (each brush £3.06).

From Earth To Earth Toothbrush


The second type of bamboo brush that we have tried is F.E.T.E bamboo brushes (From Earth To Earth). We bought a box of 4 for £13.99 (£3.49 each).


They are individually coloured so it’s easy to tell who’s tooth brush belongs to who, and have rounded handles so are perhaps easier to hold. We are finding the bristles are nicer to use than the Environmental brush.


Child’s brush – Xlear Spry

We are trying a new brand of child’s toothbrush called Xlear Spry Bamboo toothbrush which is slightly more jolly than the Environmental brush. We bought a twin pack for £4.99 (£2.49 each). The brushes have different coloured tips, so again, easy to tell which is for Eldest and which is for Youngest.

Xlear Spry child's brush

These have ergonomically designed handles and Spry written on them, making them more of an attractive toothbrush. The brush packaging is made from recycled materials and the bristles from recycled BPA-free nylon. Nylon is plastic, but it is recyclable. Although not 100% green, this brush uses a lot less plastic than the standard child’s toothbrush.


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