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Trials of homemade Toothpaste – update!

Recently I have found that my previous post on homemade toothpaste, whilst enlightening, was not truthful of our current situation. The ingredients needed for the recipe I found were too fiddly, though good.


Currently, we are using homemade toothpaste made from equal parts coconut oil (glass jar) and bicarb of soda (bought in bulk). It may be slightly salty for some, you can add peppermint oil, but I find that as long as you rinse you mouth afterwards it’s totally palatable. I found the recipe on this website if you need more info/inspiration!

I want to be honest in this blog, so my honest fact for the day is that I am not yet using this toothpaste with my children..they have years’ worth of tubes (free from NHS) to use up and I feel the bicarb might be a bit harsh on my two year old’s teeth.

A few may question that it is not enough to use bicarb for your teeth, but at the end of the day most of toothbrushing is about the action of brushing more than what you use to brush with. Further to this, we are looking after our teeth by not drinking fizzy drinks or much orange juice (both directly corrode your teeth like acid) and avoiding sweets where we can which are usually left for bribery purposes and then one at a time, my husband and I very rarely eat them.

I’d love to chat to anyone considering giving up commercial toothpaste. If you think it’s a hassle, it’s really not, especially when you’re just using two household ingredients that you might have in your kitchen anyway. Some may think that it’s not eco-friendly using coconut oil, but I’ve decided that it’s fine given the quantities that we’re using. It will take a LONG time to use up a tub of coconut oil in toothpaste!

Thanks for reading. Do comment, I love hearing from you!


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