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Brilliant Baavet Duvets, Pillows and more! Wool for everyone.

Recently, I had the need to buy a new duvet. As with all big decisions that I face since my bid to go plastic-free, it had to start with quite a lot of research! I was determined to find a better option than popping down to the supermarket and buying whatever plastic duvet they had on offer.

And then…


I stumbled upon the website Baavet duvets.  Baavet are a British company based in North Wales. They set out to reinvent the duvet using natural, local wool. They are a very ethically responsible company, striving to look after their workforce as well as the environment:

  • We will continue to use and promote natural and sustainable products where ever and whenever we can.

Dragons’ Den

Baavet made it onto the Dragons Den TV programme and were even offered investment by the Dragons! They decided to turn it down because the dragons wanted too much of a stake in the company, so it remains very much a family business, a good choice in my opinion 🙂

Watch Roger and Leslie deliver the Baavet pitch to the dragons .

The proof is in the pudding – what are they like?

Simply brilliant! The only issue I have is that, as with all duvets sent in the post, it did come wrapped in plastic but only one layer in a cardboard box. Everything else about the duvet is 100% recyclable.

They sent a sample of what the duvet is like on the inside, something my children loved to play with!

They even sent a lavender bag to make it all smell nice!

Both my children and visitors have tried the duvet and have had a restful night’s sleep with it 🙂

And it comes with a guarantee…

The cost

Bearing in mind that a duvet is a lifetime’s investment, I don’t think the prices are shocking. HOWEVER they are more than what you would pay for whatever duvet is on offer in your local supermarket. There are plenty more expensive duvets on the market but none that I’ve found that are as ethical/sustainable as this company (in the UK).

A full price single duvet is around £100 and a King size around £150.

But …Bargain Bins!

I give Baavet extra credit for the fact that on their website they include a ‘bargain bin’ where they sell off any duvets with slight imperfections at reduced prices.

A lot of companies wouldn’t do this because they wouldn’t want you to think that any of their products were less than 100% perfect. The trouble is, all companies produce produces less than 100% perfect, but if they can’t be sold on, they will go to waste which is a waste of the raw material, be it plastic or natural.

By selling off their imperfect duvets at a reduced price, Baavet ensures that all the energy and raw materials that go into each duvet aren’t wasted. What’s more, they’re very specific about the reason for their imperfection, none of which will prevent you enjoying their duvet and having a lovely, sustainable night’s sleep!

Summative Review..

Overall my feeling is that if you can afford it, you should definitely purchase a Baavet duvet (or pillow, or any number of other products that they offer) if you live in the UK and are in need of one. You would have a lovely night’s sleep and rest easy that you have supported a British company that are working with local people and farmers to make a sustainable product that won’t harm the environment.

Do let me know if you try a Baavet and what you think! We’re saving up for another one already!




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