Our Green Journey
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Great gardening from the get-go!

Welcome to gardening season one and all! As a family looking to live a greener lifestyle, we are embracing gardening as a means to a tasty end!

We’ve not done anything in the garden over winter much to my shame. Step one of my master plan is accomplished: make the garden look like it’s ready to receive seeds!

Toddlets big and small helped dig over these beds!

I have a veg bed and my eldest now has a smaller flower bed, at her request! I’m normally a completely practical gardener, where I’m only interested if it provides food. However, since my eldest asked so nicely and shows such keen interest, we have chosen some easy to grow flowers for her flower bed that will be good for butterflies and bees. Second to food, I’m all about the wildlife! Since we can’t quite sow seeds outside yet, I let Eldest choose her own wee flower to give her encouragement that she will get to grow flowers. Pictured are left over sticks and markers from last year’s gardening antics, we will be reusing these.

Children really love gardening. If I can recommend for anyone who has fussy eaters..get your children gardening! Eldest loves tasting things that she has watered, grown, picked or washed. She talks about how we grow, what we grow, why we grow as well as worms, bugs, beetles and butterflies.

I’m a big fan of getting children outside from a really young age to experience nature, slugs and all! I believe it’s good for your body (excercise) and your mind, I always feel refreshed after being in our garden.

Step two of our gardening game: buy seeds! Here’s our new season collection so far. It’s a feeling that fills me with great excitement…the possibility of completely organic, home grown food!

Seeds ready to go into the garden.

So far I’m hoping to grow runner beans, carrots, onions, tomatoes, salad leaves, herbs and potentially cucumber (but I’m not hopeful) from seed. We’ve also had great success with potatoes the last couple of years, grown in broken council recycling boxes, so all potatoes are contained!

Step three: look after what is already in our garden.

Apple tree in the garden.


Our apple tree has been a huge success. Even though it has lived all its life in a pot, this tree has produced so much fruit for its size! It produces a kind of cooking apple that we cook with brambles (blackberries) to make a really tasty jam in autumn.

We had a plum tree in a pot that did really well, but then we planted it and it gave up on us! Here are our two replacement plum trees, still young so yet to produce fruit, but maybe this year! Even in Stirling we had loads of exceptionally tasty orange coloured plums. We have a photo of our oldest picking it off the tree and putting it straight into her mouth, scoffing the whole thing without a backwards glance, aged 18 months!

I will be posting gardening updates over the coming months. Dig out those gardening gloves, dust off your fork and get digging along with me! In recent years I’ve found more confidence to just try things, even if they don’t work, so why don’t you join me this year, for the good of our health and our planet? Comment below and let me know your plans, let’s encourage each other, no matter how small your garden or non-existent you think your skills may be! (My skills are minimal but I’m giving it a go anyway!)

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