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Spring has sprung!

That’s it. Springwatch has announced it. Spring is officially here! Easter eggs have been eaten, daffodils are out, holidays are upon us. I’d better get on with some gardening!

Gardening is a really great way to go green. Healthy vegetables and fruit, grown organically by your own hands. Happy heart, happy tummy! Plants produce oxygen and take nasty Carbon Dioxide out of the environment. They’re pure dead brilliant things to have around, let’s have more of them, anyway, anywhere, everywhere!

We’ve had really bizarre weather over the last month or so, with great warmth combined with hailstones. Given that I live in Stirling, Scotland, I had long thought it might be useful to have some protection for seedlings to give them the best start.

A ‘Growing House’ to grow beautiful vegetables

My parents came to stay for a few days. Given that my dad loves doing jobs, he jumped at the chance to help when I mentioned that I had been thinking about a Cold Frame cover for my veg bed. Unbenownst to me, he came back a few hours later with a complete green house structure from B&Q. Youngest immediately dubbed it a “growing house”. He then spent the next few days rigging up the construction with my husband and a small amount of help from me when children and dogs allowed:

Garden Helper

Bertie the dog tried to help with the growing house!



Standing proud – our new growing house!! Looks like it was meant to be there!

Unfortunately, the green house is not ‘green’, it’s made from polycarbonate. If it had been my choice entirely, I would have opted for glass over plastic. I am extremely grateful for this generous gift, it’s my fault that I did not set out more clearly how far I have come in my understanding of the hurt that we are doing to our planet, and how I want to try to rectify the situation in my small corner of the world. Fortunately, polycarbonate can be recycled effectively, but I hope to give it as long a life as I possibly can before it gets to that stage (so please don’t break on me, growing house!).

Windowsill Wonders

Prior to knowing we would receive the growing house, I started some runner beans and sunflowers on my kitchen windowsill. I’m a great advocate of growing things with children, so these are what my daughter (3) sowed herself and has watched them grow.


Sunflower Seedlings stretching towards the sun!

Growing Runner Beans

Runner beans getting started. Hoping for better results than last year (they were a no-show!)

Had we more windowsills in our house, Eldest would be able to reach to water them also. Sunflowers are brilliant for kids because they’re super easy, grow quick and get REALLY tall! Runner beans are great because kids can easily help pick them. Seedlings are now in the ‘growing house’ (nicknamed by my daughter) so now the challenge is to remember to water them regularly!

Main tip for going green gardening-wise is to re-use as much as possible. It is inevitable that plastic will be somewhere in your garden, but reusing plant pots is an easy win.

Growing things on windowsills is a great way of kick-starting the growing season and a great boost to my morale, I love seeing growing things! As the world should be – green stuff all around!

A quick but worthwhile aside..

Talking about growing green stuff, if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s well worth watching Michael Morpurgo’s short film called “I wish for you” . The caption is #showthelove and presents the idea that we’ve got to care for our world if we want it to be here for future generations.  This link is a teacher’s resource, so do download it if you’re a teacher or know a teacher, it would be a great talking point for a class.

I will be posting updates of our gardening antics. As always, if you have any suggestions for gardening in a ‘green’ way, do feed them back to me! Encouragement is the biggest inspiration to me and to many others. Let’s do it!


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