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Cloth wipes forever!

Anyone on a ‘green journey’ – who also has a baby – will probably wince every time they buy a packet of wipes, covered with plastic, that end up in landfill.

Things that bother me about disposable wipes

We used normal packets of baby wipes with our daughter, but quickly became exceedingly frustrated at how badly they actually do the job they’re meant to do. We were constantly running out as you go through them so quickly because you have to use so many each time!

Cheeky Wipes

Fortunately, with our son, a friend told us about Cheeky Wipes, another UK based company set up by a mummy…cue simultaneous squeak of excitement and sigh of relief at not having to use ‘plastic wipes’ any more! Cheeky wipes make a few different products but their main focus is on cloth wipes.

The kit

We bought a kit which contained a plastic box, 25 cloths, essential oil and a wet bag for out and about. At first I thought it was a big con and overly expensive for what it was. Having used the system, I now think it’s a convenient life saver!

Tips and tricks

I didn’t bother with the essential oil for several months but since re reading the website, it turns out it helps keep the wipes clean as well as smelling nice. Out and about, I have taken to taking the wipes dry and wetting them using a tap at the time rather than carrying them wet. I sometimes forgot that I had wet wipes in my bag for a few days and they ended up smelling bad and leaking slightly through the wet bag, oops!

Using the wipe system along with cloth nappies is no hassle at all. At home, I just chuck the used wipes in my nappy bucket and wash them together. Out and about, I just put the wipes in the dirty wet/wash bag with the used nappies/clothes. I even use the wipes out at restaurants and cafes, rather than ending up with the awkward situation with plastic wipes of ‘what do I do with this used wipe? Put it on the plate??’

As with cloth nappies, I’ve found it’s important to hang these outside whenever possible. The power of the sun is not to be underestimated for cleaning! They can be used straight from the washing machine without drying if needed, which is helpful for a busy young family such as ourselves!

Is it worth the money?

I know that using Cheeky Wipes means buying plastic, and you could totally just use your own, but if, like us, you’re at the start of your journey with a young family then pay for the convenience and use them rather than continuing with the frustration of ‘plastic wipes’, it’s totally worth it. We use the wipes for bottoms, faces, hands, tables, chairs..occasionally the floor..! I see us using the cloth wipes for many years into the future!

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