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Food Shop arch nemesis – excess plastic! #reduce

The majority of our plastic waste stems from our food shop. This must stop!

I decided that before we went any further in our green journey, I’d like to try and tackle this without going bonkers and depriving our family of anything but home-made bread! (Flour comes in paper packets that can be recycled so I figure it’s ‘greener’ than bread bought in plastic packets, plus it’s healthier).

Challenge One – Reduce unnecessary plastic from my food shop


There is so much more we can do to reduce our plastic wastage from our weekly shop. But we’re taking the #greenchallenge one change at a time, so here’s our first change! The first way I came up with to reduce extra plastic was to buy loose fruit and veg rather than those which are pre-packaged. However, loose fruit/veg is usually put into …plastic bags, provided by the supermarket. 

Introducing Onya Bags

After looking around a bit, I came across the idea of reusable food mesh bags to bag up loose fruit and veg in the supermarket and thereby avoid a disposable plastic wrap. 

I found a British business (much to my delight!), called onyabags. Not only are they British, but they make things using recycled plastic (tickety tick for the going green list!). Without further ado, a bag of five mesh bags were duly purchased!

Onya at the supermarket

I have just been to the shop with my two small people in tow, and found it no extra hassle to use these bags than to use the supermarket own roll of plastic bags for loose produce.

I deliberately used a checkout with a cashier to try and gauge whether this was an acceptable thing to do or not.. I mentioned the bags, and the only reply I got was a shrug of her shoulders! The only problem was, I didn’t have enough bags, so some veg I put loose through the checkout (leeks and pepper). More bags have been purchased!

Here’s my going green photo for using the bags today: 

Loose fruit and veg using Onya Bags

What I was extra pleased with in this shop was finding loose mushrooms..my kids love these! I would have been very sad if we couldn’t buy these without plastic! What I wasn’t so pleased about was cucumber…is there a way to buy it without plastic? Recyclable tins and glass bottle – going green, one change at a time!


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