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A brilliant new way to bring farmers and consumers together under one roof – lovely! An answer to my many searching questions for how to do food in a more sustainable way. What with Brexit and climate change and everything else, it’s definitely a good idea that we all start supporting our local food producers as much as possible.

Essentially, the Food Assembly is a weekly farmers market but where you order your products online and pick them up in person. You have absolute choice over what to buy and can dip in and out of ordering things regularly or as one-offs.

So far, my local Food Assembly has producers which sell veg, meat, cheese, milk, juice, bread and baking, healthy ‘raw’ cakes, jam, chilli, chutney, fish (including smoked fish), flowers, yoghurt, eggs, pumpkins…and much more that I’ve not listed! I think that’s enough to be going on with!

I’ve been most excited about.. local milk in GLASS jars! Brilliant, they are returned, washed and refilled. So happy about this ๐Ÿ™‚

Granted, we have to pick up what we’ve purchased, but our local assembly are looking into different means of getting your food. Everything is still in early days, they might go down the door step delivery line, or bigger premises with easier parking, but all that I need to know is that they’re working on it!

This Christmas we have enjoyed some really delish cranberry and orange relish, bought our door wreathe and purchased some extra creamy local yoghurt from the same dairy that we get our full fat milk from ๐Ÿ™‚

A farmers market where you can purchase goods online, every week, and ask questions of the producers..what’s not to love! More and more businesses are coming on board with this, so almost every week there are some new things to try!

There is no obligation to purchase anything, so it’s worth registering to check it out. Likewise, there’s no need to purchase anything on an on-going basis, just as and when you fancy.

BYOB bring your own bag if you intend to purchase things, a food assembly is, wherever possible, eco-friendly.

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