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Going Green with Hand Cream

For many months now I’ve been wondering about an eco alternative (plastic free, natural ingredients) to oil-based skin moisturiser/cream/healer/all purpose miracle working balm.

NB what I’ve NOT looked for is a moisturiser you can lather all over your skin, I don’t believe that’s good for the natural balance of oils in your skin. I wanted something to help with those annoying dry itchy patches and general ‘sore bits’ on hands/feet/elbows.

I decided to look for a moisturiser that contained comfrey after I read that:

[Comfrey] is a favorite first aid remedy. It contains a compound called allantoin, which when applied to the skin accelerates the healing of tissue and the closing of wounds.

When fresh leaves or roots are applied to a wound it causes it to contract and close quicker and inhibits the opportunity for infection while minimizing scarring.

Comfrey is truly amazing, and has been used right around the world for centuries for its healing properties. If you want to read more about its uses or scientific studies about it, read up on comfrey here.

Here’s what I’ve come up with..

Neil’s Yard Remedies

Suitable balm: Yarrow and Comfrey 

Pros – lovely ingredients

Cons – Hefty Price Tag! (£22 per pot)

Organica J

Suitable balm: Gardener’s Hand Balm

Pros – local, sustainable, organic ingredients, suitably affordable price tag (£7.50 per pot)

Cons – Yet to find any!

Both skin moisturisers come in glass pots with plastic lids (can be recycled).


After road testing both companies, I’ve found that Organica J products suit what I’m looking for..the reasonable price tag may have a lot to do with that (!) but also I’m genuinely impressed with how the balms have helped my dry skin.

Organica J also produces a range of  balms that satisfy other needs, such as the Skin SOS balm perfect for my properly dry chapped hands in the winter, or Comfrey balm which is in our ‘medicine’ tub as a general heal-all.  Our two children really love the Comfrey balm as it has a nice smell and it has a lovely soothing ‘healing’ feeling as it is applied…it doesn’t sting unlike conventional oil-based balms that you might apply to a child’s grazed knee. My husband found the Comfrey to help sooth sunburned shoulders and itchy skin.

We found Organica J sold locally in the same place where we fill up our washing up liquid and buy more bar soap. I can highly recommend a wee visit to Stirling Health Food store!



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