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Homemade Oatcakes

We’re on a quest to replace some of our favourite processed, plastic-packaging food with homemade. Two of the items I’ve found difficult to replace are oatcakes (well, we live in Scotland!)  and crackers.

Oatcakes and Crackers

Crackers I have not yet cracked. If anyone out there has an awesome homemade recipe for crackers, do let me know, but I’m not holding out much hope for this.

There are, however, a lot of recipes out there for oatcakes. I used a recipe called simply Scottish Oat Cakes from the very much tried and tested BBC Good Food (our licence fee is being put to good use!).

The recipe itself is incredibly easy to put together. First step conquered! Place oats, flour, sugar, salt and bicarb of soda (our faithful friend that we love so much!) into a basin. Mix. Place in butter and rub into ‘breadcrumbs’. Mix with hot water until it forms a manageable dough.

Rolling out the dough was really easy too. I half expected the dough to be crumbly and annoying to work with, but due to the hot water, the butter was melted and the mixture slightly more pliable. I cut using a round scone cutter, but anything will do (end of a glass).

The recipe said to cook in the oven for 20-30 minutes but since I ran out of trays (my stocks are depleted!) I decided to bung a few in a frying pan. I would’ve thought frying/baking in a pan over a fire slightly more ‘traditional’ than anything, but feel free to correct me!

Baking oatcakes

Above: baking oatcakes in the oven. Looking good and I didn’t manage to burn them!

Frying Oatcakes

Above: frying oatcakes in butter! mmmm they were so tasty but soo bad for you!


The oatcakes cooked perfectly! I have been pleasantly surprised at myself. Here are the pictures of the finished items:


Above: the oatcakes I made in the oven!

Frying pan oatcakes

Frying pan oatcakes: slightly more rustic approach!

I will definitely be making this super simple recipe again. The oatcakes are lovely and will be perfect in lunches! My lovely husband is a real big savoury fan so it’s good to add another recipe to my armour to help fend off late night munchies  🙂

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