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Magic Mint Sauce #makeyourownmonday

One of the easiest things to grow in our garden is mint. When my parents gave us a mint plant, they strongly advised us to keep the mint in its pot to prevent it taking over the garden. I now understand why!

Mint looks after itself and is super healthy. However, I have never made anything with all the mint, it has just gone to waste.

After discussing with friends, we came up with the idea of mint ice cream and mint sauce as viable options to use up the mint. When I learned that mint sauce can be kept for around 6 months, this suddenly had more appeal to me. Make mint sauce with the newest leaves before the mint flowers, and it will keep til roasts appear on the menu again.

Top tips for making magnificent mint sauce

  1. Pick a bunch of the freshest tips of the mint for the best flavour.


2. Add a pinch of salt and process in a food processor. Stand back to admire just how much mint shrinks when chopped!

Mint in food processor.

3. Add 4tbsp boiling water and 1 tbsp sugar to the mint in a jug.

Mint sauce in jug

4. Add 4tbsp white wine or cider vinegar to your mint sauce.

Apple cider vinegar

5. Add sauce to a sterilised jar with a well-fitting lid. Enjoy!

Mint sauce in jar.

Disclaimer: This mint sauce recipe came from BBC Good food site. Adapt to suit your own taste.

Use a sterilised jar if you plan to keep this mint sauce for a long time. To do this, wash in soapy water, rinse, and place in a low oven for 15 minutes.

As long as the mint is covered in vinegar, this mint sauce will keep well for several months if it’s not gobbled up by then!

Happy eating all 🙂


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