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Make a Splosh with your cleaning products!

There is so much choice out there for cleaning products and the average person (if you’re anything like me) finds it difficult knowing which one to pick! That is a decision you need to make for each and every product you bring into your house. Is it environmentally friendly? Is it tested on animals? Is it recyclable? Is it good at doing the job it says it’ll do? Plastic bottles are bulky and heavy and take up a lot of space. Surely, there must be a better alternative?

Firstly – breathe! It’s ok. You don’t have to make all the decisions at once! Here’s our story so far..it’s an ongoing learning journey for our family of four.

Let me introduce you to Splosh!

A friend uses one system that is definitely the first step in our journey to becoming more eco friendly. They’re called Splosh, easy enough to remember!

Splosh is a British company, woo hoo! They manufacture washing up liquid, hand soap, laundry liquid, floor soap, toilet cleaner..and are ever expanding. They have hit upon a principle that I think is superb. With splosh, you buy the bottles once and use an app on your phone (or their website) to reorder liquid sachets that you simply dissolve in the bottles using hot water from your tap.

Why are Splosh so great?

The inevitable plastic bottle is reused time and time again (ours have been going a few years now with no wear and tear). This has to be the best way to reduce our plastic impact since a lot less energy goes into the process of producing a bottle once to reuse (and can be recycled at the end of their life) rather than producing bottles that have to be recycled when the liquid is finished. Here’s the problem with recycling, it’s worth a read.

The means of refilling the bottles is quick and simple (hot water, two minutes, shake it up and you’re done). The reordering is hassle free, using an app on my phone it takes approximately 30 seconds! The company use environmentally friendly materials in their liquid sachets. Because it is a British company, their are minimal air miles. And you don’t have to compromise on your household clean, they clean just as well as other products. I’m a convert (Can you tell!).

What about other companies?

Excellent Ecover

The ‘eco friendly’ company that everyone  has probably heard of in the UK is Ecover. They are undeniably a great choice for helping you to go green. My main issue with them is the refilling element. They offer refill bottles that essentially just bulk buying. This is a great idea, but a problem when you only have a small house, we’d have nowhere to keep them.

Ecover offer a refill service for some products but the usefulness of this depends how convenient it is for you. We live in Stirling, and the shop that will provide the refill is in the middle of town with no parking. I’m a mummy of two preschool children. I don’t usually have time or energy to park, walk to the shop and walk back to the car when there is zero interest for small people in the end product of the fuss involved in getting in/out of the car, in/out of the shop and in/out of the car again.

Other Options?

There are two other options that I have come across in my research, but I’m yet to gain an understanding of how they match up to Splosh, our current system.

Firstly, there is Enjo cleaning cloths. With Enjo, you essentially clean without any chemicals at all, just cloths and water. At first glance, this seems very pricey and I don’t yet know how much plastic is used in the manufacture of the cloths themselves. I’ll update here when I’ve done my homework!

Secondly, there is cleaning with cloths, water and Bicarbonate of Soda. This to me sounds like the most environmentally friendly cleaning method, but I need convincing to be sure that this would clean everything..and a source of bulk buying bicarb! Here are some ideas to get us started, once I’ve tried and tested this method of cleaning, I will report back!

EDIT: I have now trialled bicarbonate of soda, see my post about Bicarb here for more information. I have already replaced Splosh bathroom cleaner with it, and most likely will start to replace other Splosh products. Stay tuned!

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