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Dressing up as a disney character without resorting to buying a costume! #makeyourownmonday

So. I am helping out with an SU summer activity camp very soon. The theme is Disney and we have been asked to bring a costume for ourselves for a game that we’re playing.

At least 10 ideas have come and gone as to what I could be…minnie mouse, sleeping beauty, a mouse from Cinderella…but finally, I’ve settled on Rapunzel from the film Tangled!

There seem to be three options for dressing up:

  1. Buy a costume at great expense and waste of resources for just one use (most are made from plastic-based material, see my post about why plastic isn’t a great option)
  2. Scour charity shops for the right coloured bits of clothing to cobble together and outfit (but who has time?)
  3. Make your own, even if it’s a ham-fisted job!

Fortunately for me, we recently stayed with my mum who is adept with a sewing machine, so we went for option 3!

My mum and I made a very basic dress (advertised as the ‘two hour’ dress) with some left over material that my mum found.

2 hour dress instructions

My thinking at the time was that whatever character I went for, I could pass as a princess or a mouse with a little imagination! We used a pattern, tacked it onto the material, cut round it, and sewed.

Dress Pattern

The finished dress is VERY basic but will do the job:

Purple Dress

Next, my mum found a bolero she had made for my sister many moons ago, that doesn’t quite match but will give me some princess arms!


Lastly, my mum found the perfect princessy material in her ‘left overs’ box to attach as a sort of extra outer-skirt:

Purple material

So all I needed now was Tangled long hair…how would this be achieved, plastic free, expense free and without too much time? The answer…wool and a hairband! (Both items I already had in the house!)

Rapunzel hair made from wool

Fortunately, Rapunzel in Tangled doesn’t have shoes so this won’t be a problem!

Undoubtedly, this is not a perfect costume, but with a frying pan and a picture of a chameleon, I think the children should at least be able to recognise who I am trying to be!

If any of my lovely readers makes a costume, let me know, inspiration was the key when I was researching this!

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