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Present bags for any occasion #makeyourownmonday

Feeling tired, run down and slightly overwhelmed with life’s to-do list, I settled down with my sewing machine.

What did I make?

I’d decided that I wanted to make present bags for a while now. Present bags reduce cost of buying wrapping paper, sellotape and bows. Bags can, if you choose the right fabric, look really pretty and could be person specific if you have the time. They last for decades if they are taken care of, so are definitely much more environmentally friendly than buying wrapping paper every time there is a special occasion.

Which fabric is best?

Wanting to be extra environmentally friendly, and not having extra energy to think about the matter, I decided to use left-over fabric that my gran had given to me. I love using older material that used to be something else, especially if you don’t know what it was..guessing what something was, who owned it and where it has travelled is a fun game to play.

Can you experiment with the drawstring bag?

The beauty of making a bag is that once you’ve made one, it’s really easy to make lots more of varying sizes and shapes. I was taught to make a draw-string bag by my mother-in-law but since then have experimented for different occasions. It’s quick on a sewing machine, but if you haven’t got one, it could be done by hand.

Here’s how I make my draw-string bags..

Step 1 – Choose your fabric, any colour, thickness and size!


Step 2 – Hem the sides using as small a seam as you can to increase the size of the end product

Hemming material

Step 3 – along one side, create a large hem for the drawstring to be pulled through. One inch should be enough but it can be smaller if desired.

Drawstring hem

Step 4 – Fold the material in half lengthways and sew the remaining 2 sides, stopping before you reach the drawstring hem.

Bag without drawstring

Step 5 – attach a safety pin to the drawstring

Safety pin drawstring

Step 6 – Thread the drawstring through the hem and tie to secure. Stand back and admire your new bag!

Homemade bag



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