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Plastic Alternatives Overview

Plastic recycling is not the answer.

I am learning that although recycling is good in many respects, it is not the ultimate answer. Recycling gives a substance another chance at a useful life, but this can not go on infinitely, and at the end of the day, any plastic is still plastic, no matter how good.

When plastic is chucked away, it breaks into smaller and smaller pieces and eventually inevitably gets eaten by something in our food chain, this is not good news 🙁

The answer in a nutshell? Don’t use plastic! There are much more earth-friendly alternatives out there!

Glorious Glass

Greenhouses are originally called glass houses…and glass is made from sand, which is a natural substance. Here are your facts for the day about glass recycling to cheer you on:

The most popular and environmentally favorable approach is to glass recycling is to remelt it to produce more bottles and jars. Every 1,000 tonnes of recycled glass that is used in this ways saves 345,000 kWh of energy, 314 tonnes of CO2, 1,200 tonnes of raw material and 1,000 tonnes of landfill.

Put simply, the energy saved from recycling one bottle will power a 100 watt light bulb for almost an hour or a computer for 20 minutes.

(Quote taken from Berrymanglassrecycling )

Glass is one alternative. Another is stainless steel.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is awesome!

Stainless steel is theoretically 100% recyclable and its long term life makes it an ideal environmental performer much better than many other materials. Stainless steel products are designed to have a long life; often spanning over several decades

(Bssa website)

You could not want for a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. I am currently researching stainless steel alternatives to kitchen items including lunch boxes, I have seen a few two tier tiffin tins that I am interested in, once I have bought and tried it out I will be sure to post about it and let you know. Beth Terry highly recommends stainless steel for any food items, and I’m coming to greatly respect her opinion.

Wonderful Wood

I love wood. I absolutely love wood. Wood is biodegradable, reusable and just lovely. You only have to go check out my post on wooden toys to see that I have quite a bit of wood in my life, and I dare say it will pop up in other posts also.

The only thing about wood is that for decades now humans have been destroying forests faster than we have been saving them, especially in the Amazon. I’ve just been watching a documentary about tribes people whose home, family and whole way of life, never mind the wildlife and already endangered species, are being threatened because people are needlessly cutting down trees. So even if we choose to use wood, we must choose carefully.

Choose second hand over new, choose sustainable over it’s-wood-but-it-comes-from-far-away wood. Still choose ethically. If you possibly can, choose local or national suppliers and manufacturers. And if you can, support a charity that plants trees, such as Plant A Billion.

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