Our Green Journey
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Let’s have a “no plastic mindset”

Going ‘green’ is a mindset, an attitude, an outlook.

Once I decided that I wanted to ‘go green’, I had enough motivation to keep going and start, slowly, changing my lifestyle. Once your motivation is in place, you start to see the world through new eyes.

Buy without plastic

For example, try this simple exercise. Go to your usual supermarket, do your usual shop. But as you are going round the shop, notice how much plastic is seen as necessary. When you unload and unpack your shopping in your kitchen, it is an astonishing amount of plastic that has to be disposed of – from packs of 3 peppers and onions, to apples, pears, bananas in bags, individually wrapped ice creams, crisps and chocolates or sweeties, double or triple wrapped dairy products, meat products, beauty products. You name it, somewhere, there will be plastic.

No to plastic teabags!

The vast majority of teabags contain a plastic called polypropylene…which is not biodegradable. This has to be one of my saddest discoveries as I am exceedingly fond of a good brew. All is not lost however, there are brands out there working to fix this problem. Back in 2010, Teadirect said: “Most consumers don’t notice [the polypropylene] and probably don’t care.” We, as consumers, need to change our mindsets. We need to start caring and start making a fuss about it.


If being an eco activist is not your thing, then make a noise by choosing brands with less plastic, or no plastic. Change your mindset to start actively looking at the world and what we are doing to it simply by buying our everyday products. We have a lot of power as consumers, let’s use it wisely.

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