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Recent money-saving measures in our household

I promised that I would update you on money-saving measures we’ve recently put in place/ thought up to save extra pennies, so here’s a few things we’ve been doing…


I’m making something special for two family members at the moment, so I can’t say any more but they are slightly time consuming in the evenings! They are money-saving but also hopefully will be nicer presents than something shop-bought.

My hand was forced recently into making a new snuggly for Eldest after she lost her snuggly on her way home from nursery. We searched and searched, but no snuggly was forthcoming 🙁 I found a simple tutorial for a tag blanket on this blog so I went ahead and had a go.

The material was left overs from a friend (free) and the ‘tags’ were left overs from a friend’s card-making endeavour as well as bits I had lying around the house. Eldest was happy to help fix the design and use it as a replacement until….after several more days of searching her original snuggly turned up in a recycling bin on the pavement (not ours)!! Typical! At least I’ve learned a new skill now!


Go for a walk: find out what’s on offer in your local countryside!

We went for a walk with granny and found an orchard filled with abundant numbers of free cooking pears, so we snaffled a few to turn into a crumble. At the local farmer’s market recently, Transition Stirling were giving out free apples, so I combined these with some (free!) blackberries to make a yummy desert for some students our church were feeding. It was appreciated and I didn’t feel out of pocket!

Apples and pears

Always be on the lookout for bargains and always go back to check the price!

Our casserole pan and frying pans were coming to the end of their usable life. We tend to go through at least a frying pan per year, so I’ve decided that it is definitely worthwhile investing in good cookware that can hopefully last at least 10 years or more, if not a lifetime.

Cast iron is the safest, longest-lasting cookware than can be purchased today. Yes, it’s heavy, but it cooks really well and only needs a little extra TLC to keep in good condition. So when I was in Sainbury’s the other day and spotted this pan, I couldn’t resist.

When I looked at my receipt afterwards, I’d been charged full price, so I went back to ask about it. Not only did they say I shouldn’t have been charged full price, but it was cheaper than the ticket on the shelf! £25 for a family-sized casserole dish is a definite bargain…and I saved £20! Cha-ching!


Cast Iron pan

Make the most of your garden produce

We were extra busy for a week or two, and my runner beans grew rather long! When I opened them up, I found these gems inside…


They are not good to eat, but they are good to dry out and keep for next year’s runner beans! Here’s how to dry beans at home to use for seed next year. Ultimate money-saving measure in the garden! My next task is to harvest the sunflower seeds either for the birds or for seed for next year, I haven’t decided yet!


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