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Going Green with Hand Cream

For many months now I’ve been wondering about an eco alternative (plastic free, natural ingredients) to oil-based skin moisturiser/cream/healer/all purpose miracle working balm. NB what I’ve

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Brilliant Baavet Duvets, Pillows and more! Wool for everyone.

Recently, I had the need to buy a new duvet. As with all big decisions that I face since my bid to go plastic-free, it had to start with quite a lot of research! I was determined to find a better option

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Cheap, green, all-purpose cleaner using everyday items in your kitchen

Since writing my last post on cleaning around the home I have come to a conclusion. Living a greener, more sustainable life, is about using less products and ingredients in everyday cleaning. Using less

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On being a considerate clothes consumer

I’ll say it straight: I am not really into clothes! But they’re a necessity, and an area where being more eco-friendly and ethical can have a big impact. The fashion industry is known as one

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