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Ultimate List of UK Eco Products, Resources and Tips for Families

As a handy reference, here are all the green, eco, zero-waste, sustainable living products, resources and tips I’ve collected in my research. Where relevant, they’re what I’ve found available in the UK. The focus of this list is on what is most relevant and useful for a family.

Links will take you to a post on this blog where I have written about the products and linked to them, or direct to the site if I don’t have a post.

This page is updated regularly as our journey continues.

Please let me know if you have suggestions I can add.


Make your own all-purpose surface spray

Michael’s Original Washing Up Pad

Splosh Cleaning Products

Soapnuts (for washing clothes mainly, but has so many other uses!)

Onya Bags

Klean Kanteen Bottles 

Bellfield organic fruit and veg bags (we use this supplier so can definitely recommend them!)

Find your local Food Assembly

Stirling Health Food Store where you can refill Ecover cleaning products

Plastic Free Diluting Juice 

Green Tulip Ethical Living for stainless steel lunchboxes and containers

Bulk bin buying in Glasgow, it’s cheap and plastic-free


See my post on take-outs with children in tow 

Indian Tiffins

Take Out Without cards that can be given to persuade restaurants to let you use reusables

Crockery for babies and children

Stainless steel bowl and plate from Tatonka that won’t broken if thrown on floor.

Child size Bamboo bowls from Ekobo Bambino.

Child’s bamboo dinner set from Ekobo Bambino.

British Seller Green Tulip Ethical Living for stainless steel lunchboxes


Make your own all-purpose cleaner

Splosh Cleaning Products

Tots Bots nappies

Cloth Sanitary pads by Cheeky Wipes

Cheeky Wipes (cloth alternative to baby wipes)

Bamboo Toothbrushes 

Make your own Toothpaste: a recipe 

Babipur Natural Rubber bath toys (extra benefit in no holes = no mould)

Natural Rubber bath mat

Scottish, organic moisturiser by Organica J 

Living Room

For rugs, buy carpet off-cuts from a local carpet store. Cheap and green.

Furniture – you may be surprised at the number of ways you can get some quality things second hand! Our home town has the Valley Furniture Project where you can pick up a bargain. Check Freegle Gumtree  and Facebook for local 2nd hand groups.


Use blackout blinds or curtains on windows. Open windows to let sunshine in and warm the room, then keep them closed when the sun isn’t shining into the window, to retain maximum heat in your home. Because of the greenhouse effect this is really quite effective.

Brilliant Baavet Duvets, Pillows and more! Wool for everyone. Sustainable, healthy, green and British!


Reduce, reuse, and buy clothes ethically

Shoes – ethically made in Great Britain by Green Shoes

Clothes – fairtrade and organic at Nomads clothing

Just about everything at: www.ethicalsuperstore.com 


Make your own toys!

Wooden rather than plastic toys, every time! 

Get on the ‘I’ll take your 2nd hand stuff’ list with friends!

Check out Freegle Gumtree  and Facebook for local 2nd hand groups before you open your wallet, children don’t notice if things aren’t brand new! If they do, just explain your saving the planet theory!

Sustainable, Ethical, Fairtrade, Safe and Green Toys at Babi Pur

Just about everything at: www.ethicalsuperstore.com 

Birthday Parties

Recycled paper based products at The Exotic Paper Company

Eco-friendly party supplies at Little Cherry Party Supplies


Need to borrow a power tool but don’t have your dad’s shed to hand? Check out Streetbank if you live nearish a built up area, we’ve successfully borrowed hedge trimmers and lent lawn mowers before. It only works if you’re willing to help too, so tell all your friends about it!

Check out Check out Freegle Gumtree  and Facebook for local 2nd hand groups for things like plant pots and even seed packets before buying – people often have hundreds that they don’t know what to do with!

If you live in Stirling, Transition Stirling has a toolshed in town that you can borrow things from!

Other Useful Weblinks


Beth Terry – My Plastic Free Life  (USA)

Plastic is Rubbish blog (UK)

Jen – My Make Do and Mend Life (UK)

Wendy – Moral Fibres (UK)

Money Saving  – A Thrifty Mrs (UK)


Zero Waste Home – my new eco bible! Buy the book, I seriously recommend it, it may well change your life!

www.ethicalconsumer.org (UK website that has lots of lists of ethical places to buy things! Subscription needed for full access but lots available free)

www.objectsofuse.com (UK based website that sources and sells ethical products)

www.buymeonce.com (UK/US based website that sources and sells things you buy once, to last a lifetime!)

www.zerowasteshop.uk (UK part of European website that sells zero-waste products)