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#makeyourownmonday #glue #lifehack

I may have *slightly* enjoyed reading Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste Home book. I am slowly working my way through all her homemade alternatives to plastic items – and my favourite to date is definitely

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Make your own Birthday party! #makeyourownmonday

Ok, so granted this is not a true ‘make’ like previous posts, but it was something I came up against recently when Oldest had her 4th birthday. Oldest is still in denial about being 4, but

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Present bags for any occasion #makeyourownmonday

Feeling tired, run down and slightly overwhelmed with life’s to-do list, I settled down with my sewing machine. What did I make? I’d decided that I wanted to make present bags for a while now.

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Dressing up as a disney character without resorting to buying a costume! #makeyourownmonday

So. I am helping out with an SU summer activity camp very soon. The theme is Disney and we have been asked to bring a costume for ourselves for a game that we’re playing. At least 10 ideas have come

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Hooray for Handmade Toys!

Handmade things are amazing! I love handmade for the same reason I love hand-me-downs, they remind me of someone special who has put a lot effort into making something with their own hands. I believe that

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The wonderful world of wooden toys!

As an antidote to the plastic which can surround living with a baby and a toddler, I have tried to fill my life with some lovely wooden things. Apart from wood, we have some toys which are second hand

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