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Going green doesn’t have to cost the earth

Looking at some of my posts, it might be easy to think that going green means buying loads of new stuff. The truth is, you really don’t have to. In fact, more often than not, going green is about

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Spring has sprung!

That’s it. Springwatch has announced it. Spring is officially here! Easter eggs have been eaten, daffodils are out, holidays are upon us. I’d better get on with some gardening! Gardening is

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Great gardening from the get-go!

Welcome to gardening season one and all! As a family looking to live a greener lifestyle, we are embracing gardening as a means to a tasty end! We’ve not done anything in the garden over winter much

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Our Quest for Eco Food

Recently, we’ve decided that we want to try and support local farmers. If food is produced locally, with the least amount of packaging possible, there is minimal environmental impact. If food is

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