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What is a safe drinks bottle? Klean Kanteen and its benefits

Klean Kanteen was a brand I came across after seeing a disgusting image on the interweb. The worrying image and what it has to do with choosing drinks bottles for our children (and ourselves) Someone

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Plastic Alternatives Overview

Plastic recycling is not the answer. I am learning that although recycling is good in many respects, it is not the ultimate answer. Recycling gives a substance another chance at a useful life, but this

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Why say no to plastic?

There are a lot of things that you could do to lead a ‘green’ life and be kinder to our planet. Thinking about it all at once can make your brain explode! Plastic is something that has been

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Let’s have a “no plastic mindset”

Going ‘green’ is a mindset, an attitude, an outlook. Once I decided that I wanted to ‘go green’, I had enough motivation to keep going and start, slowly, changing my lifestyle. Once your motivation

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A kitchen sink thought on cups and refusing refuse

This is my kitchen sink. It is where I do all my best thinking. A place where I feel connected to the world in a way that I don’t when I’m rushing around ‘doing life’. The thought came to me one

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