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The cloth nappy system that really works for us

Our cloth nappy system is awesome!

totsbots-nappy-closedWhy we chose cloth nappies

We knew when we had our daughter (now 3) that we wanted to use cloth nappies. We already thought cloth was better for the environment and actually, it’s worked out much cheaper in the long run.


After a bit of research, we went with Totsbots mainly because we found they were a Scottish company. Buying local is definitely a big green tick. Less air miles is always a good thing. (And friendly Scottish voices on the phone is such a pleasant change from some not to be named mobile phone companies that I would not like to deal with again!) We literally just picked the most basic, all-in-one system, and are still using the system with our son (now 1 and a half).

We’ve been really happy with Totsbots, they have great customer service and really helpful information on their website. The nappies are soft and cosy and when you compare them with disposables, it’s a no-brainer in terms of comfort. I know which one I’d choose if it were me needing the nappy!  We had to buy extra liners to go in them but after we worked that out and leakage was minimalised, we’ve had no complaints.

Tips and tricks

It helps to hang these outside as much as possible as the power of the sun works wonders on smells and stains – I speak from experience. The system came with two nappy-buckets and mesh liners that you put in the buckets. Nappies are put directly into the bucket and the mesh liners can then just be chucked in the washing machine. No need to touch the nappies again, hurrah!

It really hasn’t been any extra hassle using these, just maybe an extra load of washing per week. We also sometimes wash the nappies in with other things like towels, and they still clean no bother without affecting the rest of the laundry.

Out and about, we have a wet bag that the nappies go in once used. Unless you have a particularly small nappy bag anyway, they don’t take up too much room. We even send our son to nursery with these cloth nappies, and they are perfectly happy to change him because the system is so easy to use. If you’re not sure, it’s definitely worth giving them a try by just buying one or two to start off with, I whole-heartedly recommend them!

If you’ve got a question I haven’t covered in this post, drop me a comment.

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