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Plastic Free Juice?

Unsurprisingly, my kids like juice!

Spend more and drink less but double the enjoyment!

I have been trying to find a reduced or plastic free alternative to juice bottles. I am unwilling to give up juice entirely in my pursuit of a ‘green’ life but I am willing to spend more if it means being kinder to the planet.

Putting the ‘green’ into Bottle green

At first glance I thought my only alternative was glass bottles of Bottlegreen cordials (such as Elderflower, which I’ve enjoyed for years!). These are expensive and delicious. They have a really great article on their website about their sustainability policy and I’m really impressed. They are about as eco-friendly as you can be as a juice manufacturer! From producing everything possible in the UK to reduce air miles to heating their offices using a renewable energy supplier, they’ve thought of everything. However, they are at the top of the range budget-wise.

A cheaper alternative? Introducing Rocks.

As with all my green findings thus far, it’s only taken a bit of closer attention to come up with what I hope will be a cheaper alternative. Along the aisle in the supermarket, I found Rocks drinks , another cordial company using glass jars. Comparing the prices per 100ml, it is a lot cheaper. I do not want to lie, this is still a more expensive way of buying juice compared to anything in a plastic bottle.

It tastes amazing!

After several days of juice-free drinking whilst I was trying to find a glass bottle, I tasted the cordial and it was AMAZING! I was so pleased with the juice, I immediately decided that I did not mind paying more for it if it meant that we had good quality juice in a glass bottle. Glass can be recycled, this must be a good thing.

However…how ‘green’ are they?

So far, I haven’t been able to find much about how ‘green’ they are as a company apart from the fact that it is a British company and therefore hopefully less air miles are involved and more local suppliers of fruit used. I have contacted the company and will report back my findings!

Update 11.02.16

Rocks Drinks have said that they are

committed to conducting our activities in an environmentally responsible manner and recognise the need to continually improve our operations in order to minimise its effect on the environment.

They have a commitment to improve, but are not selling themselves as a green company, unlike Bottlegreen. Since researching both companies, I have no problem buying either. Given a choice on money, Rocks is a good product. Given a choice where money doesn’t matter, I’d probably plump for Bottlegreen.

Or..make your own!

I’ve just returned from a retreat where I was served juice made from mixed berries from their garden, and it was DIVINE! Blackberries, tayberries and raspberries. I enjoy gardening for edible produce, and would love to try to grow berries. Watch this space!


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