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A kitchen sink thought on cups and refusing refuse

This is my kitchen sink. It is where I do all my best thinking. A place where I feel connected to the world in a way that I don’t when I’m rushing around ‘doing life’.

The thought came to me one day as I was washing up my Klean Kanteen bottle that the key with going ‘green’ is not just Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, but in fact, as Klean Kanteen say, Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

To refuse refuse is a game changer!

This may seem obvious to some, but to me, it was a game changer. I suddenly realised that I have to refuse refuse! Say NO to disposables of all kinds, and instead, anticipate what you might need…reusable bottles, cutlery, straws, cups, mugs, plates. This means taking reusables out and about with me in my daily life.

At first you may think ‘what a faff’. However, if every person reuses a good quality plastic bottle, it would change the world, overnight. Many of the major environmental game changers are saying that the only way forward is to reuse what we’ve already got, and find sustainable alternatives for things we don’t yet have.

Grab and go disposable cups nightmare

It is not my culture, but I am aware of the grab-and-go culture surrounding city life and needing to get coffee on the way to work. This has led to the explosion in the ‘disposable’ cup industry, something that on the face of it doesn’t seem harmful until you take into account the fact that all plastic ever produced still exists. The average British worker uses -and throws away- 400 plastic cups every year. That’s a lot of cups, especially when each cup is responsible for 0.24lbs of CO2 emission.

Take your own cups and bottles!

Simple solution..take your own. There are now quite a few companies that produce good quality, reusable cups, bottles and lunchboxes. It’s worth looking around and reading reviews to find the particular product that you require for your lifestyle. There exists now an impressive range of reusable bottles catering for all, including baby bottles, sippy cups, water bottles, beer cups and coffee cups. I will look at products specifically for babies and children in future posts, and review  Klean Kanteen too. Buy one, use one, reuse one. What you don’t ask for you don’t get, and you’ll probably be surprise with the number of businesses that will happily refill a container for you. And it only takes a few goes to shake off any embarrassment.

Go save the world, one refusal (of a plastic cup) at a time!

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